Vision and Mission


Established in 2021, The Office of Co-operative Education Programme (OCEP) is a cutting-edge unit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). OCEP works with all eight faculties at CUHK to better position students, helping students –

  • form a clearer idea of their career path,
  • acquire the necessary knowledge to navigate in diverse work environments and cultures, and
  • enhance their awareness for continuous self-enhancement.

With this vision in mind, OCEP has designed a unique Co-operative Education Programme (Co-op@CUHK).

Co-op@CUHK does not ‘instruct’ students.

          It nurtures.

Students are not ‘equipped’ with new skills.

        Instead, Co-op graduates are imbued with the core values of workplace professionalism.


In this light, our mission is four-fold –

  • To offer graduates better employment opportunities
  • To advance students’ career development
  • To enhance university curricula
  • To expand university network

This mission is fuelled by a nucleus of six OCEP staff members.

      A nucleus may be small, but it is where growth begins.

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