Course Highlights

Outward bound training

Co-op students will have a multitude of opportunities to pick up essential soft skills such as understanding their core-competencies as well as areas of improvement, networking skills in the workplace and management skills. To provide students a chance to apply these skills into practice particularly in an out-of-classroom context, outward bound training is included as one of the course components.

During this 3-day-and-2-night training, students will be challenged by various synergy initiatives such as kayaking, rock climbing, morning hikes and others. All these team building activities will not only allow them to step out of their comfort zone, but also learn how to work with others of different regions and working styles. This is particularly important while working as a global executive or a future leader.

Business Etiquette Workshop

Students tend to find themselves encumbered when they are first required to attend business luncheon or dinner together with their supervisors. They may not have the knowledge on the proper table manner, nor the clue on making appropriate small-talk while avoiding sensitive subjects in social interactions.

Such training will help students of the Co-op Prgoramme to get well-versed in dining etiquette in a professional setting. This should come in handy because students are expected to have similar occasion especially after graduation.

LinkedIn Learning

Co-op students are required to complete at least 4 LinkedIn Learning courses during their placement period, 2 on hard skills while 2 on soft skills. Students can take online courses relevant to their placement duties or with reference to the assessment results on the selected core competencies at the end of each work term. They can pick up the professional knowledge or essential skill-sets at any time, at any place, and at their own pace.