Realizing potentials

What is Co-op@CUHK?

At The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we believe that our mission as educators is to set our students up for success, not just within classroom walls, but beyond.


In a fast-changing and increasingly competitive world,
CUHK’s Co-operative Education Programme, “Co-op@CUHK”, is an academically accredited programme tailored for ambitious and driven students to jumpstart their career exploration.


Through valuable work experience alongside CUHK’s bespoke courses, Co-op gives students the opportunity to build up their soft skills, industry insights and professional networks while earning their degree.

Quick Facts

Third Cohort of Co-op@CUHK

Academic credits
work placement terms
Experiential learning

Full Credits, Full-Time

Full Pay

Co-op@CUHK prides itself in being the first of its kind in Hong Kong, open to penultimate and final-year students of all disciplines who exhibit good academic standing, a breadth of extra-curricular activities and a positive, can-do attitude.

Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and traverse the market landscape, exploring careers which they are interested in that complement, and are not limited to, their field of study. The Programme allies with a diverse spectrum of industry partners, including reputed global companies with Hong Kong operations, fresh startups, non-profit organisations and statutory bodies.

Co-op@CUHK is a university-wide, pan-discipline experiential learning initiative that aims to hit a triple win for students, employers, and the University.

The immersive and structured programme provides an enriching experience for students, allows employers to develop their future pipeline of talent, and strengthens the University’s curricula and partnership with industry and the private sector.

Professor Rocky S. TuanVice-Chancellor and President of CUHK


High potential students hone their competitive edge by applying their classroom knowledge to two terms of full-time work experience.


Employers enhance and propel a young talent’s education, while enjoying the unique advantages of being a Co-op Partner.