Students’ FAQs

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All courses under the Co-op curriculum are credit-bearing and the credits earned will be counted as the units for graduation. A Pass / Fail grade system will be adopted so as to encourage students to attach importance to developing holistic skills and new perspectives.

You will be asked to indicate your preference on job fields in the application form. The matching will be based on both your preferences and the interview performance assessed by the hiring companies.

In accordance with University Regulations, students who have fulfilled all graduation requirements should graduate and they will be of a low priority when it comes to student enrolment to the Programme, unless they have been approved by the Registrar to extend their study period.  

You will remain a CUHK registered student when you enrol in the pre-employment courses and take up your full-time placement during the two work terms. While undertaking full-time placement during your normative study period, you will have to pay the regular tuition fee and will thus be able to enjoy the welfare entitled by a CUHK student.

If you need to defer graduation due to the work placement, the charging of tuition fee for the subsequent term immediately after the normative study period will be capped at the reduced unit (i.e. 1 unit). You can take a normal course load for this term.

Given that participating students will be working full-time during the work terms from around May to December, you will not be able to sign up for other courses. You may complete all units for graduation beyond the normative study year, subject to your study plan. You will also have to check if there would be courses requiring uninterrupted studies. 

Applying to Co-op

The target intake for the first cohort is set to be 100. But the actual intake may vary slightly. 

The beauty of Co-op@CUHK is to allow students to embrace opportunities to simultaneously acquire learning and working experience. Hence prior internship experience is not required.

Non-local students should take heed of the accumulated period of internship taken before submitting an application.

Evaluation and Assessment

Upon completion of your placement, you will have to submit a reflection paper and prepare videos at the workplace. The teacher in charge will review your paper, other submissions as well as evaluation by your hiring company to do the grading on a pass / fail basis.

International Students

If you are a degree-seeking student at CUHK, you are eligible for this Programme. At the same time, you will have to take heed of your accumulated period of internship taken before submitting an application.

As job requirements vary across different job postings, you will have to check whether the hiring company has any particular specifications in the job advertisement. 

Non-local students must have a No Objection Letter (NOL) issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department and an endorsement letter from CUHK in order to take up any study / curriculum-related internship. Meanwhile, you should also pay attention to the following conditions set out by the Immigration Department –

  • The study / curriculum-related internship accounts for one-third of the normal duration of the Programme
  • Employment during the summer months without any limit in relation to working hours and location.

Students without NOL before the work term should first approach the Office of Co-operative Education Programme (OCEP) for a supporting letter, and then submit a request to the Registration and Examination Section (RES) for a certifying letter.

With the certifying letter, students can apply individually for the NOL from the Immigration Department.


Shortlisted applicants will be attending the interview administered by the hiring companies from January onwards. The job offer is anticipated to be made in March and April.

Students are welcome to schedule career consultations with the Co-op Team during the recruitment process. 

Every industry has unique characteristics and required skillsets. No matter which industry you venture into, at the core of a thriving career lies a set of skills and attitudes that are transferrable and sought-after by employers across the market landscape. They include –

  • Cognitive agility – How good are you at managing complexities, creating change and driving results?
  • Interpersonal skills – How well do you get along and work with others? 
  • Self-leadership – How well do you know yourself and are you resilient when facing challenges?
  • Digital proficiency – Are you tech-savvy under the new normal work context?

Staff at OCEP are able to offer advice on your CV and coaching for career planning as well as for interviews. This will help you to get familiar with both the industries and formal interview setting.

We will also be able to provide advice on different online resources, which help you to shape your future career success.

Placement Terms

Yes, but an approval from OCEP is required before you commit with the company. You will have to send the supporting materials to OCEP while OCEP will assess if the placement you secure through your own network will be suitable and relevant to the Programme. 

Yes, you will have to accept the first placement offer. You should also note that once you accept a placement offer, interviews for other hiring companies will be called off. Neither should you seek further job opportunities through your own network. 

Students are required to complete a placement of around eight months in two work terms. The exact placement duration will be subject to the job specification by the hiring companies.

Students will need to compete for jobs just like in the real world. CUHK cannot guarantee any placement, as they are subject to employers’ ultimate hiring decisions as well as job market conditions.

Working closely with the CUHK Co-op advisors, proactively working on any feedback you receive and meeting all deadlines will benefit you during your job search journey. 

You are deemed to

  • Respect employers’ corporate policies
  • Endeavour to complete all work assignments to the best of students’ abilities
  • Sign the Co-op@CUHK Code of Practice

Experiencing difficulties and overcoming them is a learning process.

If you encounter problems, you may first seek assistance or advice from your immediate supervisor in the workplace. If necessary, you can contact staff at OCEP while we help contact the company on your behalf. You should not leave your placement without the permission of OCEP. Instead, staff at OCEP is always here to assist. What you need is to simply send us an email or make a phone call. Staff at OCEP will also arrange a visit at your workplace, as to understand how your placement is going.