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Established in 2021, The Office of Co-operative Education Programme (OCEP) is a cutting-edge unit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). OCEP works with all eight faculties at CUHK to better position students, helping students –

  • form a clearer idea of their career path,
  • acquire the necessary knowledge to navigate in diverse work environments and cultures, and
  • enhance their awareness for continuous self-enhancement.

With this vision in mind, OCEP has designed a unique Co-operative Education Programme (Co-op@CUHK).

Co-op@CUHK does not ‘instruct’ students.

          It nurtures.

Students are not ‘equipped’ with new skills.

        Instead, Co-op graduates are imbued with the core values of workplace professionalism.


In this light, our mission is four-fold –

  • To offer graduates better employment opportunities
  • To advance students’ career development
  • To enhance university curricula
  • To expand university network

This mission is fuelled by a nucleus of six OCEP staff members.

      A nucleus may be small, but it is where growth begins.

Message from the Director

Dear Students,

In this uncertain and challenging world, disruption is a natural phenomenon and navigating through disruption is a continuous process. Your perseverance, tenacity and adaptability are what make you stand out among the crowds. The future of work will be much different and you will need to step into some unchartered paths with more vision, purpose, hope, and energy.

Students whilst at university always ponder on how they can maximise what they have learnt to contribute to a meaningful career and life – am I ready in terms of having the knowledge, confidence, and skills to excel in the world of work? Have I learnt from my experiences and translated these assets to competencies?

Co-op@CUHK bridges the gap between your university education and practical work experience, to nurture in you not certainty, but confidence that you can conquer uncertainty. We wish you great success in all your endeavours. Dream big, work hard, stay positive and enjoy the journey!

Dear Prospective Co-op Partners,

Co-op@CUHK is a dedicated platform bridging employers and students. Being a Co-op Partner, you will be actively supporting the development of young talents and nurture them with experiential learning and mentorship. We believe combining classroom knowledge with practical training is the key to answering the needs of the future workforce. With the generous support from you and many other industry collaborators, together we establish a meaningful network of opportunities and synergies, advancing the competitiveness of the city and the region. 

We look forward to joining hands with you in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

John Lai, PhD

Director, Office of Co-operative Education Programme

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