Employers’ FAQs

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The Co-op Team will consolidate CVs from all applicants and make use of a standardised template. Hence, there will be consistency in terms of appearance and structure of student profiles.

Interviewing Candidates

Please take note you are under no obligation to schedule interviews or hire students you interview.

Shortlisted applicants will be attending interviews with different hiring companies from January onwards. The job offer is anticipated to be made in March and April.

Key Dates

Please take note of the important dates for Co-op recruiting schedule –

  • Students start applying for jobs with rankings
  • Deadline to promote jobs (approximately 4 months before the first work term)
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Deadline to arrange interviews by employers
  • Deadline to submit employer rankings 
  • Announcement of hiring results (approximately 2-3 months before the first work term)
  • Deadline to confirm job offers to / from students

Students are required to accept the first job offer that comes their way. The job matching and interview process goes on for those students not matched with an employer.


Please take note the Co-op Team is not able to guarantee a Co-op position to be matched with a student within a certain time. The Team will work closely with you during the recruitment process.

Co-ops are full-time and paid positions. Co-op students work full-time for a placement of around 8 months, from May to December.

Employers are required to meet the appended requirements for a Co-op position –

  • Provide an accurate job description 
  • Run around 8 months (from May to December) for Co-op credits
  • Involve full-time work
  • Provide a competitive pay and contribute to the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (MPF)
  • Offer on-the-job training, supervision, guidance and mentorship
  • Conduct student performance evaluations during work terms

CUHK encourages diversity and inclusion experiential learning without limiting students’ interests and potential. We believe diversity in the workplace is key to growth in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace and to help your firm build a more diverse talent pipeline.

Students from various disciplines may qualify for jobs outside their programmes and are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills from course electives, prior work experience and other leadership training.

Roles and Responsibilities

Co-op employers and / or supervisors shall –

  • Provide a competitive pay, other forms of benefits (sick leaves and paid holidays) and appropriate working conditions
  • Specify work scope and job description for advertisement
  • Arrange interviews, job offer and contract during the recruitment process
  • Orient students to the workplace with awareness of data privacy, safety policies and corporate procedures
  • Supervise students, provide ongoing training, mentorship, guidance and support
  • Conduct on-the-job evaluation and feedback provision to analyse performance and offer advice
  • Complete formal evaluations on the student performance at the end of work terms (August and December)
  • Meet with the Co-op Team to assess students’ progress and performance
  • Comply with Cap 57. Employment Ordinance

Students are deemed to

  • Respect employers’ corporate policies
  • Endeavour to complete all work assignments to the best of students’ abilities
  • Sign the Co-op@CUHK Code of Practice