Co-op at a Glance


  • Implemented by University
  • More extensive work experience with specialised training provided by the Programme
  • Full-time, around eight months
  • Paid by employers
  • Forms part of students' transcripts


  • Not necessarily associated with or overseen by University
  • Experience is often major-related
  • Can be full-time or part-time
  • Paid or unpaid, depending on employers
  • Can be non-credit bearing

What's the difference?

Co-op vs Internship

Co-op helps you discover and unleash your potential in three stages:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Co-op preparatory courses

After securing a place in the Co-op programme, you will participate in a series of bespoke courses and lectures that equip you with the professional skills you need to excel in the workplace, starting with building a compelling personal brand. Experiential workshops and information sessions take place throughout the Co-op Programme to support your continuous development.

Interviews and Job-Matching

During the second stage, you will compete for jobs as you would in the real world. You will attend firm interviews in order to be matched with our broad network of Co-op Partners.

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Placement and Assessment

Your Co-op placements are a formal and accredited part of your degree, and a great opportunity for you to jumpstart your career exploration. Your first Co-op placement occurs between May – August 2022, and your second Co-op occurs between September – December 2022. During this period, you will be treated as a regular employee, assigned responsibilities and evaluated just like a regular staff at the company.

To consolidate your work experiences, you will also be asked to undertake continuous reflection exercises upon your key takeaways both personally and professionally, culminating in an actionable self-development plan.

  • Application
  • Screening
  • CUHK Interview
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Co-op Schedule


On-campus Study


On-campus Study with Co-op Training


Work Placement


Term Break

Students admitted in Year 3


Students may complete all units of graduation in 4 years, subject to their study plan.

Students admitted in Year 4


Students may complete all units of graduation in 5 years, subject to their study plan.

The flexible and diversified preparatory and work-term courses give students a wider exposure to knowledge about different fields of professionalism and help them identify and organise career aspirations, and advance their employment competitiveness.

Professor Isabella Poon Wai-yinPro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK
Good things come in threes.

Co-op@CUHK Learning Outcomes

Unlocking Employability Potential

Appreciate a diversity of career possibilities

Exhibit confidence and poise during job interviews

Pinpoint passions, strengths and areas of growth

Developing Workplace Professionalism

Harness esprit de corps

Master the skills of dynamic leadership

Understand workplace laws and regulations

Continuous Self-assessment

Learn through introspection and feedback

Set clear, actionable goals for self-improvement

Develop mentoring relationships with professionals

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