Benefits and Responsibilities

Employers’ Benefits to On-board a Co-op Student

Boost Innovation

With the new economy rapidly evolving, employers can tap into students’ innovative ideas, creative perspectives and novel approaches to ride high in the digital age.

Capture Talent

Competition for talent is intensifying. By making a proactive decision to become a Co-op Partner, employers can identify, recruit and invest in high-calibre individuals at an early stage.

Furthermore, it will enhance a firm’s long-term graduate recruitment strategy.

Bolster Mentorship

Unlike typical internships, Co-op@CUHK helps employers closely observe and assess the potential of a student for nearly eight months. Such engagement can help corporations build up their mentoring capabilities while reducing costs and risks in staff training.

Enhance Corporate Image

Employers can enhance their corporate image by providing students with job training opportunities. Apart from fulfilling their social responsibility, employers can augment their reputation on campus in more ways than one.

We are thankful and greatly appreciate the enthusiastic support from our industry partners to make this collaborative programme a success. Our industry partner companies offer job postings and mentorships for our students, while providing valuable advice on the implementation of the Programme.

Professor Daniel H.S. LeeAssociate Vice-President (Innovation and Enterprise) of CUHK

Employers are required to:

Outline Placement Details

Specify work scope and job description

Schedule Interview and Selection

Arrange interviews, make a job offer and prepare contracts during the recruitment

Offer Remuneration and Benefits

Provide a competitive pay and offer other forms of benefits (MPF, basic insurance, sick
leaves and paid holidays)

Provide Supervision and Mentorship

Supervise students, provide guidance and support

Give Assessment and Feedback

Conduct on-the-job evaluation and provide feedback

Time Line