Benefits of Co-op to Employers

Co-op is a triple win for employers, students and the University.




enhance and propel a young talent’s education, while enjoying the unique advantages of being a Co-op Partner.


High potential students

High potential students

hone their competitive edge by applying their classroom knowledge to two semesters of full-time work experiences.



supports entrepreneurship and experimental learning in
launching Co-op.

We are thankful and greatly appreciate the enthusiastic support from our industry partners to make this collaborative programme a success. Our industry partner companies offer job postings and mentorships for our students, while providing valuable advice on the implementation of the Programme.

Professor Daniel H.S. LeeAssociate Vice-President (Innovation and Enterprise) of CUHK

Reasons to onboard a Co-op student


The new economy is rapidly evolving.

Students will introduce innovative ideas to your company, bringing with them novel perspectives and approaches.

Talent Acquisition

Competition for talent is getting fiercer.

Becoming a Co-op Partner allows you to poach high-calibre individuals at an early stage and begin investing in them, as part of the company’s long-term graduate recruitment strategy.


Strengthen the feedback loop.

You can closely observe and form a holistic evaluation of a potential full-time staff member for around eight months, reducing your costs and risks while developing your company’s mentoring capabilities.

Corporate Image

Social responsibility is valuable.

You can enhance your corporate image by providing students with job training opportunities and augment your reputation on campus.